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Balkan Steel Engineering Ltd.

NEW! Production of metal constructions.

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Balkan Steel Engineering Ltd. was established in 2002 as a company with a personal liabilty.

The main activity of BALKAN Steel Engineering Ltd. is trade with steel and steel products and some process of cold treatment of steel, production of steel dry wall profiles and insulation panels.

According to the company's strategy and as a consequence of its specific and various activities, the structure of the company is organized and structured in a manner to accomplish its scheduled activity along with optimizing all internal company process, related to the cycle -delivery - production - sale. The structure of the company shows the clear difference between duties and obligations and ensures the needed key specialists on the related positions.

Balkan Steel Engineering has implemented in its working process and quality management the following certification:

The production and trading activities are organized in three separate Bases – trade center, metal service centre and reinforcing concrete steel centre, located in district Kasichene, Sofia. Within both bases significant stock on hand is maintained, including various products. The company has own cargo trucks in order to accomplish deliveries to the clients from the country within 24 hours, from the trade and production centres and from stock located at river and marine ports – Russe, Bourgas, Varna.

Prerequisites for the growth in sales of BSE at a basic level of realized sales for 2007 of average 4000 Mt per mont, is the completion of the new investment projects, implemented in the metal service centre.

The main tasks in the company's strategy are expanding the net of clients in the country and abroad, improving the level of service of our respected clients, continuation of the investment policy, related with new equipment and new technologies. As a result from the objectives of our development is the realized growth of the company for the last years of about 20 – 22% per year, and the growth forecast is to reach 25 – 30%.